COOPLOOM is a handloom project initiated to restore, revitalise, and make the handloom co-operative sector in Kerala commercially viable for all stakeholders. COOPLOOM is the next frontier for the co-operative sector, as we bring the best of Kerala handlooms to a customer, who desires quality, durability, and sustainability in their fashion choices.
The co-operative movement has been offering fair trade to the weavers since before fair trade was a buzzword. Weavers earn a living wage, with benefits like health insurance, and assured income protection through production incentives and uniform weaving schemes. These schemes were all instituted as part of the prolific work that was done by the co-operative movement.
To address the gaps in marketing of handlooms, to bring greater awareness of Kerala handloom heritage, to ensure sustainability in the profession of weaving, and to explore new raw materials for handlooms are all within the purview of the COOPLOOM project.


The Sahakari Movement

To understand the Handlooms industry in Kerala it is imperative to look into the co-operative movement across the state of Kerala.
The co-operative movement in Kerala has a long history and it started even before the formation of Kerala state. There were three administrative units in the erstwhile Kerala- viz, Travancore, Cochin and Malabar. In 1949, Travancore and Cochin merged into a single state known as Travancore- Cochin State. Kerala state was formed in 1956 by merging all the three units. (Source: Department of cooperation: https://cooperation.kerala.gov.in/2019/04/06/history/)
The co-operative movement in Kerala was started to help to empower the community, with the belief that the best vehicle to support such a movement is investing in the community, and supporting and revival of heritage industries that have thrived and supported local communities for centuries.


Chendamangalam Heritage of Excellence in Looms and Artisanship: Handloom Viability Project
Started in October 2020 as Chendamangalam Heritage of Excellence in Looms and Artisanship, under the leadership of Circle Cooperative Union. The project unified 13 cooperatives in the Ernakulam and North Paravur Circle, under the CHELA purview. An initial diagnostic study was initiated (October 2020) which revealed the serious lack of sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result a grant was sought with NABARD and Kerala Bank for an exhibition to help liquidate some part of the handlooms stock..