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Kerala colour kara double mundu

₹ 1778 ₹ 2278

Weft and Warp : 80×80

Measurement : 4m

Weaver : Babitha

Weaver number: 2233

Tag number: 788

Manufacturing Date: 14-10-2023

Seller: 02-2021

Kerala colour kara double mundu with brown and black colour kara.


Colours may vary slightly All hand-woven and hand-crafted products on Cooploom are produced by weavers and artisans in villages, mostly at their homes and cooperatives across Kerala Unevenness in weaves, prints, minor slubs in fabric and slight variation in colour are expected outcomes of an authentic craft process. These variations are typical characteristics of any hand-crafted product and are not to be considered as damage or defective.

Our weavers recommend the best way to care for your handloom purchase is to wash the fabric in cold water separately with mild detergents. Bleaching and tumble drying will ruin the integrity of the weave, and fade the colour fester. Most of our fabrics are pre-shrunk, but in rare cases you may see upto 3 shrinkage after wash. Our handwoven cotton will become soffer after each wash, if you prefer do consider starching and ironing while the fabric is slightly demo for best finish. When a handloom fabric is worn with love the colour fades sightly, this we believe is the true characteristic of a well used handloom fabric. 

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